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Duke Energy

Heat Pump Check

Replace your electric strip heat or older heat pump with a new high-efficiency heat pump, and you’ll be eligible for an incentive credited on your electric bill. What’s more, you’ll continue saving money each month. That’s because a heat pump with a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) of 14 or higher and an HSPF (Heating System Performance Factor) of 7.8 or higher can significantly lower the heating and cooling portion of your electric bill.

How Do I Qualify?

To become eligible for the heat pump rebate, you must:

  • Complete a Home Energy Check.
  • Choose an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) dealer who participates in the Duke Energy Heat Pump Incentive Program.
  • Replace your electric strip heat or less-efficient heat pump with a high-efficiency heat pump (both your air handler and condensing units must be replaced at the same time).

What Type of Rebate Will I Receive?

The amount of your rebate depends upon the type of system you replace and the type of heat pump you purchase.

Rebates for replacing a less-efficient heat pump:

  • $100 for a minimum 14 SEER with 7.8 HSPF
  • $150 for a minimum 15 SEER with 8.0 HSPF

Rebates for replacing strip heat:

  • $250 for a minimum 14 SEER with 7.8 HSPF
  • $350 for a minimum 15 SEER with 8.0 HSPF

For homes with non-electric heat* rebate for installing new air conditioning:

  • $50 for a minimum 14 SEER air conditioning unit
  • Residence must maintain the same heating source type.
  • Stimulus Bill Energy Efficiency Tax Credits

Your rebate will be credited to your electric bill within 60 days of installation (the exact timing depends upon when we receive the paperwork from your contractor as well as our billing cycle).

Supplemental Bonus:

Receive an additional credit on your electric bill when you install a high-efficiency heat pump and participate in Duke Energy’s Insulation or Duct Check Programs within 90 days. This bonus is in addition to the incentives offered with the Heat Pump Check, the Duct Check and the Insulation Check.