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Important A/C Maintenance To Complete Before The End Of The Summer Season

Important A/C Maintenance To Complete Before The End Of The Summer Season

vent2Your air conditioner (A/C), especially if it is an exclusive cooler, works hardest during summer. A/C maintenance, just before summer ends, can help identify potential problems that need fixing. Air Conditioning is the best way of achieving high-quality indoor air that is free of excessive moisture/ dryness, high temperature and pollutants/ allergens. Air filters, condenser pan and drain, evaporator coils and fins, as well as condensers, comprise some of the components of air conditioners that can be replaced with new ones or removed, cleaned and replaced as part of regular maintenance.

Easy Summer Air Conditioning Maintenance

Cleaning and drying A/C components

Evaporator coils, fins, air filters and the condenser, cool indoor air, filter air pollutants and exit hot air outdoors, respectively. With time, these components accumulate dirt, which inhibit their effective functioning. Removing, cleaning and replacing these components can prolong the life of your AC, as well as ensure energy efficiency and quality indoor air. Evaporator coils and fins extract heat from indoor air in order to cool it. Since condensate pans and drains capture and drain condensed moisture, accumulation of dirt limits their function because the collected water mixes with dirt to form less-viscous solutions that cannot be drained outdoors. Clean these components to prevent such occurrences and ensure condensed water drains fast.

Replacing A/C components

Overly dirty or partly destroyed air filters, evaporator coils and fins should be replaced with new ones. Some AC systems come with replaceable filters while others can only be replaced after damage. Replacing broken AC components ensures the AC runs at low power, is effective and not noisy.


Servicing your A/C, after all the summer work it has been doing to ensure you get quality indoor air, is an excellent gesture to assess possible damages and dirt, hence fix potential problems. You can conduct easy maintenance on your AC by removing and cleaning some components such as air filters, but for effective and long lasting AC servicing, contact your local HVAC contractors. Your local, licensed HVAC contractors should conduct major HVAC works including installation, repairs and replacement for your safety and comfort.