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5 Ways to Remain Cool While Working a Landscaping Job

5 Ways to Remain Cool While Working a Landscaping Job

It is common knowledge that summers in Orlando can be excruciatingly hot, which is why it is so important for citizens to know of a reputable cooling company in Orlando. While there are some people who are going to have the good fortune of working in an air conditioned workplace, others are going to spend their days working in the outdoors, which can be quite challenging depending on the heat levels. The following are the top 5 ways to remain cool while working a landscaping job.


Bring a Refillable Water Bottle


The number one rule for remaining cool while working a landscaping job is drinking plenty of liquids. However, drinking warm or room-temperature water can actually cause an individual to feel even more heated than before, which is why owning a thermal refillable water bottle can come in handy. With one of these bottles, workers can rest assured that their water will remain at a cool temperature throughout their shift, and offer them a refreshing drink during their work day.


Eat Your Lunch in a Conditioned Area


Most landscapers are going to start their shifts relatively early in the day, which can be beneficial as the sun has yet to hit its highest point in the sky. By the time lunchtime arrives, however, most landscapers are going to be feeling the sun coming down on them, and need a well deserved break from the heat. Since they are only halfway through their workday, it can be worthwhile for them to eat their lunch in a conditioned area, as this can help them cool down their body temperature before getting back to work. Eating in an air conditioned car or shopping mall can help them cope with the summer heat.


Take Adequate Breaks


Working outside during the summer in Orlando can be very challenging and exhausting, which is why taking adequate breaks is advised. As soon as a worker feels as though they need to slow down and take a breather, they should relax in the shade and drink some cold water. Doing this can actually improve their productivity and reduce the chances of a landscape worker feeling dizzy and dehydrated.


Wear a Hat and Sunscreen


In order to protect one’s skin and face from the sun, it is crucial for landscapers to wear a hat and lather on ample sunscreen during their shift. Doing so can minimize the chances of catching heat stroke or getting stuck with a painful sunburn.


Wear Breathable Clothing


One of the best ways to remain cool while working a landscaping job is to wear breathable clothing. Doing so is essential, as thick fabrics can hold onto heat and cause a person to retain body heat and feel sickly.