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Renting a Hotel Vs. An Airbnb: Which One is Best?

Renting a Hotel Vs. An Airbnb: Which One is Best?

Today, there are many choices when it comes to booking a vacation rental. So much so, that groups of people are often conflicted when choosing between renting a hotel room or renting an Airbnb. While younger generations are more prone to booking their vacation rentals through Airbnb, there is still a large demand for hotels, hence why they still exist. The following explains the benefits of both renting a hotel room and an Airbnb.


Hotel Pros


Continental Breakfast


When people rent a hotel room during their vacation, they are often content knowing that they won’t have to worry about fetching breakfast in the morning, and this is because most hotels are going to offer their guests continental breakfast. One of the many pros of renting a hotel room is getting a free meal in the morning and getting to eat it in a pleasant setting. More than that, guests do not have to limit themselves when it comes to portions, as most continental breakfast are offered in a buffet style.


Access to Organized Activities


Another perk to renting a hotel room is getting to ask the front desk questions about the surrounding city and what it has to offer. More often than not, hotel receptionists are going to be informed on a handful of fun activities in the area, and even have pamphlets to offer their guests.


Access to Pools and Gyms


Most hotels are going to give their guests free access to their swimming pool and gym areas, which can be extremely beneficial for people who like to keep in shape while on vacation, and for families that have young children who enjoy swimming.


Air Conditioning


Another great thing about renting a hotel room in Winter Park is not having to worry about air conditioning replacement should an AC unit break. Any issues that are encountered by guests are going to be handled by the hotel staff.


Airbnb Pros


Better Prices


One of the biggest reasons why people enjoy renting Airbnbs is due to the fact that they charge a lot less than most hotels do. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a one room rental, people can pay hundreds or less for an entire property.


Room to Bargain


Another perk attached to the rental of Airbnb’s is the one of bargaining. Unlike hotel rooms, the prince of Airbnb rentals can be bargained down, and in some cases, hosts can even offer additional discounts to their guests.


Being Able to Rent Entire Homes


Another mentionable perk revolving around Airbnb rentals is that people get to rent an entire home for nearly the same price as a hotel room. This can result in immense savings when a large group of people choose to rent a home together.