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5 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Isn’t As Functional As it Should Be

5 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Isn’t As Functional As it Should Be

People from all around the world choose to vacation to Florida every single summer due to its gorgeous beaches and reputable hot weather. While it may be a nice treat to get away from a colder climate and enter a warm abyss, it can sometimes be too hot in Florida during the summertime. This isn’t generally an issue for people who have access to air conditioning throughout the peak hours of the day, but it can pose a threat to people who do not own such a luxury. In some cases, people own an AC unit but aren’t happy with its performance, which can cause them to seek air conditioning replacement in Orlando. The following are the top 5 reasons your air conditioner isn’t as functional as it should be.


Your AC’s Fan is Broken


One of the most common reasons for an air conditioning unit to stop functioning at its maximum capacity is a broken fan. An air conditioning unit’s fan is what is going to pull in outside air and turn it into cool air for one’s home. Without a functioning fan, however, an air conditioning unit is simply going to look like it’s working, while expelling warm air into a person’s residence. Having a faulty fan can cause an air conditioner’s compressor to surcharge and blow, which can end up costing a lot in repairs. Should this occur, calling an HVAC company for air conditioning replacement in Orlando is advised.


Your AC is too Small For the Area It’s Supposed to Cool Down


In order for an air conditioning unit to keep an entire home cool, it needs to be of appropriate sizing. If an air conditioning unit appears to be doing a bad job at keeping a home cool, it may be because it needs to be placed in a room that has a closed door. Once moved, the air conditioning unit can begin to cool down a smaller room and offer adequate cooling options. Having a small air conditioner in a large room can result in low performance.


Your Air Conditioner Is Too Old


If an air conditioner is more than seven year’s old, the reason it may be underperforming is that it is standing on its last legs.


Your Air Ducts Are Experiencing Leakage


When an AC’s air ducts are experiencing leakage, it can cause it to waste a good amount of cold air. This air, which should be entering one’s home to keep it cool, is then sent outwards in a wasteful manner.


Your Air Conditioner Blew a Fuse


If an air conditioner appears to have stopped working altogether, it may be because its fuse blew, causing its condenser to come to a halt.