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4 Ways to Keep Your Pets Cool During the Summertime

4 Ways to Keep Your Pets Cool During the Summertime

One of the most known facts about Florida is that it gets extremely hot during the summertime and well, throughout the entire year. While locals are going to be used to this heat, it can be difficult for tourists to get accustomed to it, and even harder for animals to cope with the warm temperatures. While a person can voice their discomfort concerning the heat, animals cannot, and so it is important for their owners to keep an extra eye on their pets, and try and put themselves in their paws. The following are the top 4 ways to keep your pets cool during the summertime.


Put Ice Cubes in Their Water Bowls


The last thing a human wants when it is hot outside is to drink lukewarm or room temperature water, and so one can only imagine how animals feel when they are expected to drink from a water bowl that has been sitting in the heat for hours. In order to give animals an adequate chance at fighting off the heat (especially during a heat wave), owners should strive to replace their pets water bowls every couple hours or so, and two continuously drop ice cubes into its mixt. These ice cubes can help pets lower their body temperature and find some relief from the heat.


Limit Their Time Spent Outdoors


Cats and dogs are often fond of spending hours outside every single day, be it while lounging on the front porch or catching a breeze near the ocean shore. While allowing them to get their daily dose of vitamin D is encouraged, it is not advised to let them spend long amounts of time in the outdoors. By limiting their time spend outdoors during a hot day, owners are taking the right precautions in ensuring that they do not get attained by heat stroke. On particularly hot days, owners should aim to leave them pets in an air conditioned environment. Should their AC unit be broken, they can contact air conditioning companies in Orlando and have them fixed.


Bring Them For Walks in the Morning or Evening


People who have big dogs are going to need to walk them at least once a day, but walking them during the sun’s strongest hours can cause dogs to feel ill. Should a dog need to go out for a walk, bringing them out during the early morning or late evening is advised.


Limit Their Activity


The worst thing a dog owner can do is treat their animals like they would on any other day during a heat wave. If the weather is too hot, playing fetch is out of the question. Limiting a pet’s activity level during a scorching day can save their lives.