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What to do When Your Residential Air Conditioner Breaks During a Heat Wave

What to do When Your Residential Air Conditioner Breaks During a Heat Wave

Anyone who has ever been to Florida knows how dire it can be to have access to an air conditioned room due to Florida’s intensely hot temperatures. In order to have a pleasant time while either vacation to or living in Florida, owning a functional air conditioner is a must, especially since this state is no stranger to heat waves. In some cases, however, air conditioners can end up breaking during the hottest periods of the year, which can quickly become detrimental to a person’s health. The following is what to do when your residential air conditioner breaks during a heat wave.


Call an Air Conditioning Company


Since heat waves can be extremely hazardous, it is dire for people to seek the refuge or air conditioning during such times. Should their air conditioning units have broken down during these hot days, immediately calling an HVAC company in Orlando and scheduling an AC replacement is going to be crucial. More often than not, HVAC companies are going to be able to send a technician to one’s residence immediately.


Close All the Blinds


The first thing a person should do after their air conditioning unit has broken down during a heat wave is ensure that all the blinds in their home have been closed. Doing this will stop the sun’s rays from infiltrating their home, thus not allowing it to become targeted by the heat. Making sure that all windows have been closed and doors left open can allow the existing conditioned air to properly circulate one’s home. As soon as the sun sets, homeowners can open up a few windows and let the cool air infiltrate their home.


Don’t Use the Stove or Oven Tops


The last thing a person who has a broken air conditioning unit should do during a heatwave is attempt to cook themselves a meal. Using the stove or oven tops can cause additional heat to inhabit a home, and so refraining from using these appliances is a must. Instead, homeowners can either make themselves a cold meal or order out.


Drink Plenty of Liquids


Perhaps the most important thing to do during a heatwave is stay hydrated. It makes no difference if a person is lounging around their home or spending time outdoors, as heat can enter a home and cause a person to become dehydrated.


Use Ceiling Fans in the Meantime


If an air conditioning unit is no longer functional, it can be crucial for homeowners to find an alternate source of cool air. Should their homes come equipped with ceiling fans, turning these on can be very beneficial in the circulation department.